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A fundamental understanding of the market and competitive environment, paired with an impartial assessment of one’s own capabilities, performance and position relative to the competition, is a prerequisite to making the best strategic, organisational and operational decisions. We help our clients establish the factual foundations underpinning these decisions. While every assignment we undertake is tailored to the specific client requirements and situation - from identifying opportunities for cost savings and building a compelling case to gain managements buy-in, to end-to-end strategy development to determine priority issues and develop the optimal responses– a number of our core capability areas are listed below:

Market Opportunity Assessment:

We help companies to better understand their unique market opportunity portfolioRead more

Competitive Position Assessment:
Companies must make intelligent choices about where to be different from the competition in order to survive and prosper... Read more

Financial Position Assessment:
Very few companies truly understand the end-to-end economics of their component businesses, product markets, customer segments and channels – let alone underlying activities. This often leads to over-investment in value destroying activities and under investment in high value potential opportunities, dragging down performance and intrinsic value... Read more

Strategy Development / Innovation:
We help our clients to develop value maximising strategies to fully exploit their unique Market Opportunity Portfolio...
Read more

Business Planning:
We ensure that our clients’ strategies are effectively translated to implementation plans... Read more

Management Agenda Development (issue identification and prioritisation):
Successful companies don’t view strategy development as a one-off exercise, but rather as a dynamic, issue-based pursuit... Read more

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