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This is not about managing earnings, manipulating share prices or, even worse, sophisticated financial engineering to disguise fundamental operating performance, but rather:

The optimal allocation of resources to exploit a unique market opportunity
  Active management of the corporate business / asset portfolio through a structured M&A process geared toward the alignment of acquisition and divestiture decisions with the capacity to deliver value.
  The development of sustainable competitive advantage in chosen markets which demands choices about where to parrot competitive strategies and where to stand apart.
  The alignment of financial structure and policy with strategic position, corporate objectives and the unique market opportunity portfolio.

We bring a fresh perspective and fact-based approach to our clients to help them identify and address their highest priority strategic issues, those that have the potential to make a step change impact on the value of their business. We combine sophisticated financial, strategic and organisational analysis techniques to rapidly cut through enormous complexity and deliver the insights necessary to compel the changes that help our clients realise the full potential of their businesses.

Each and every project is tailored specifically to individual client requirements, leveraging a wealth of project experience transcending traditional industry boundaries and extending back over more than a decade.

Our commitment to value for our clients is reflected in our approach to fee structures, where we are always open to opportunities to tie our success to that of our clients – both through ongoing partnerships and innovative reward based fee structures.