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Case Studies
Market Attractiveness Assessment and M&A support for a Major UK Plc
Our client, a brand name PLC, was looking to acquire a substantial pool of assets from a third party in a competitive bidding situation in order to integrate them into their existing activities. We undertook an assessment of the core market, identifying the core level of profitability and prospective trends, examined the sources and magnitude of merger benefits and supported the overall bid development process.
Through our work in piecing together the end-to-end economics in the relevant business areas (unwinding complex transfer pricing agreements and rebasing to market levels) and looking at competing business models, we were able to establish that the core business in question was delivering adequate levels of economic profitability with substantial potential for uplift through further scale economies and other operating and strategic initiatives. We also made an assessment of other potential bidders and detailed the most likely threats to a successful bid, using this to inform overall negotiations and bid pricing strategies.

With our client’s superior insight into the core markets in question, the competing environment and the potential for value creation, they were able to provide a compelling proposition and have achieved preferred bidder status.

“Sciowa seemed to know [the target] better than [the target’s] own management team. It was an enormous advantage when we sat down at the negotiating table."